The Watercone® is a simple device for solar seawater desalination (solar still) which is designed for cheap mass production beeing the first of its kind.
The Watercone can desalinate up to 1-1,5 l per day, enough for a child to survive.

Philosophy of the concept
„Many peripheral small units can ensure a better supply of freshwater than one central big generator. If the big one fails, there is no water for the people. If a small one fails, the other ones still keep on working.“


The Watercone®: No.1 of the success products Made in Germany

No. 1 of the "success products Made in Germany" selected by the TV report "Abenteuer Leben, We are made in Germany" on the German TV channel "Kabel 1" for the Watercone®. Date 14th April 2013 (German language)

Watch online:

- die Geschichte einer genialen Erfindung
- the story of a brilliant invention

Watch the detailed documentation about the Watercone® development shown on the German TV Cannel Pro 7 in their Science series "Galileo" on October 27th 2011. (German language)



Animation of Watercone® use in a country like Haiti surrounded by sea water

Watch this loveley animation on Youtube how to solve the problems of potable water in a country like Haiti with the Watercone®
(English language)


This lovely animation was created with kindly support of the Ageny "Haus am See"

"Bright Idea"
The private US TV-Station Planet Vox brought a report about the Watercone in fall 2003 and how it works.

Clickhere to see or download the movie (21 MB)



The Watercone® Project was invited to the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul form 16th -22nd of March 2009 and has been awarded the "Kyoto World Water Grand Prize"

National winner of

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The International Jury of the Energy Globe 2008 has judged the Watercone® submission as the national winner for the pilot project in Yemen.
For this humanitarian and technological development Stephan Augustin received the "Energy Globe, World Award for Sustainability"
on 26th May2008 at the European Parliament in Brussels with presence of Kofi Anan and Michael Gorbatschow and presented by Maneka Gandhi.

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Listen to Axle Steffen at the TED conference 2005 talking about his Book WORLD CHANGING and mentioning the Watercone® as an exceptional product during his talk.

CARE Germany held pilot project in Yemen testing the Watercone®

From Jan. 25 on until end of March 2004 CARE Germany tested 100 Watercones in Yemen in a little fisherman`s village east of Aden.

Click here to download the 5 pages Project summary as PDF.
The entire report can be provided upon request.

To see more pictures and read the extract of the 26 page CARE report with its final conclusion click here.
This pilot project could only be realized with the financial support of the Hans-Sauer-Stiftung in Munich.
Thank you!

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