General Information regarding Water


One look at our Planet shows that more than 70% of the global surface is covered by Water.
97.2 % of Earths total Water Reserves are covered by Oceanic saltwater and therefore mostly inappropriate for Human consumption and use. The remaining 2.7% of freshwater is equally unavailable to Man as it is confined to the Ice of the Polar Caps and Mountain Glaciers. Only Ground Water (0.625 % of Earths total Water Reserves) and the Water from Rivers and Lakes (0.017%) remain easily accessible to Man.

For ecological, economical, geographical and / or political reasons, 40% (2.5 Billion) of the World`s population has no access to Clean Water!

Please have a look at this website where you can find real time data about the world:

UNICEF comment:"...every day 5000 children die as a result of diarrhea coused by drinking unsafe water..."


Clean Potable Water in disadvantaged Regions
  Clean Potable Water for Baby Food

At the moment most people in poor and sunny regions must use dirty water for daily use. Seawater is no source, as most desalination units are cumbersome, need constant technical maintenance and support and most importantly very expensive. The cone is simple, mobile and lightweight (2 kgs).


On another note: Aid Shipments of Milk Powder into Hunger Zones often end up in failure as there is a lack of Clean Potable Water on location and the Milk Powder is mixed with Impure Water invariably leading to illnesses amongst the children. With the cone, mothers can easily "create their own water to blend it with Milk Powder and make it safe nutrition for their children.

  Condensed Water


Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) is a WHO (World Health Organization) recommended compound of salts and minerals which are added to the condensed water. If salts and minerals are not readily available, one can add 1 -1.5 % of sea water to the condensed water to reach the desirable level of minerals and salts. Evidently, one should ensure that the sea water used be unpolluted


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